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My husband and I purchased Via Miraleste in late 2009. The house was an empty shell of potential when we bought it—bad roof, no flooring, no kitchen, no interior doors, and just holes in the floor and pipes sticking out of the wall where plumbing was supposed to go. But it had great views of the mountains, felt very private but filled with light.

We added a new roof, new flooring, all new bathrooms, a kitchen, state of the art HVAC units, citrus trees in the garden, new gates, just everything.

We enjoyed the vacation rental business so much that we decided to expand our offerings. We purchased Via Jacques in early 2013 and have done an additional round of renovations to make the property a comfortable, peaceful, light-filled home with a very private back garden with large pool and built-in spa.

Via Miraleste and Via Jacques are great places for a Palm Springs get-together of family or friends. I love that my guests enjoy Palm Springs and all it has to offer with my properties as a base of operations.

I welcome you to Via Palm Springs!

Susie Karlshoej

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