Exterior Basics

Patio Furniture

Picture of Via Miraleste backyard

Please feel free to put all of the lounge chairs, rocking chairs and sun shade for the patio furniture where they work best for you and your group. There are some pool lounge-y things in an exterior closet on the north side of the house.

Landscape Lighting

Really pretty at night! The entire system should be in the “on” position for your stay (main switch is in the water heater closet). You turn on the lights from the bank of controls between the two big glass sliders — this controls the backyard. The front landscape lights switch is next to the front door. They are on a photocell system so when the sun goes down, they come on and when the sun comes up, they turn off. You can also turn them off from the interior switches.

Pool & Spa

With the exception of the summer months, the pool will be heated to 84 degrees for your stay. Pool controls are between the two sets of sliding glass doors. To turn on the spa, just press “Spa.” It takes a second or two to engage so be patient. It will take about 25 minutes to warm up, so plan accordingly. Spa temp is set to 104 degrees. Please press Spa again when you’re done — huge cost savings by not letting it run all night.


To start the BBQ, open lid, turn on gas at the source (pipe sticking out of the ground with yellow handle). Turn Burner One to start position (little lightning bolt), then press the ignite button (lightning bolt) then add Burner Two. When you’re done, please turn handle at the source back to “off” position.

Fire Pit

It is great! Just don’t use it if it’s windy. The fire pit key is hanging on a nail on the back side of the pit. To start the pit, just put a couple strips of napkin or paper towel under a couple of the rocks, stick the key in the slot, light the napkin with a BBQ lighter from the junk drawer in the kitchen, then turn the key to the left a few times and Poof! You have fire. Don’t let anyone lean in while you’re doing this, or it may be a weekend without eyebrows.


The outside trash containers are in the pool equipment walled area next to the BBQ — the additional key on the key chains opens this area (keeps my pool equipment from walking away). Trash day is Monday and Thursday mornings. Please put trash can out to the curb on Sunday night or Wednesday night.

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