The Kitchen

Please help yourself!

Picture of Via Miraleste kitchen

Please help yourself to whatever is already on hand! You may want to check the pantry and fridge before you do your grocery shopping as there are usually good basics on hand. If you see anything that looks expired or otherwise doesn’t belong, feel free to throw it out. Also, there’s usually an interesting mix of booze in the cabinet to the upper right of the fridge if you feel like playing bartender.

Cooking Tips

This kitchen is an awesome kitchen to cook in! Please turn on the vent hood if you’re cooking like mad — the smoke alarms have gone off before when my husband goes nuts with the PowerBurner in the middle of the cooktop. If that happens, don’t panic, just open a window and turn on the hood, and the alarms will hush in a minute.

Bags & Miscellaneous

There are a bunch of plastic bags for sundry needs in the middle drawer to the left of the cooktop. The kitchen is well equipped — if you can’t find something, just keep looking, or let us know what we’re missing.

Beeping coming from the fridge?

Make sure the doors are closed. Still beeping? When you open the fridge door, there are some controls close to the top of the main body of the fridge. You can disable or activate the alarm system by pressing and holding the Alarm Reset button for 3 seconds. Use this to turn off audible tones and/or flashing indicator lights.

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