Pool & Spa

Pool and spa heat will be activated for your visit to Via Miraleste!

To turn on spa when you want to use it…

Press the raised button to the right of the pool control screen that says “Spa”.  Green light will come on. There is a two second delay between pressing the button and activation, so be patient. It takes about 25 minutes for the spa to heat up to 104. Please remember to turn spa off when you’re done.

To turn pool heater on if accidentally turned off…

Picture of Via Miraleste pool

Screen should say:

AUTO        POOL

IF THE WORD “POOL” IS NOT ON THE SCREEN, push the top “up” button right of the screen with “P” to activate the pool pump

Push MENU button one time

Push “Down” button right of the screen 2 times to “HEAT”

Push “SELECT” BUTTON 3 times

Push “Down” button right of screen 1 time

Push “SELECT” button 1 time and “OFF” should be flashing

Push “Down” button 1 time and “HEATER” should be flashing

Push “MENU” 3 times

Screen should say:



To turn pool heater off…

Push the “MENU” button 1 time

Push the “down” button right of the screen 2 times to HEAT

Push “SELECT” button 3 times “HEATER” is flashing

Push the “down” button right of the screen 1 time and “OFF” should be flashing

Push the MENU button 3 times and screen should say:



Other Important Tips:

If you pushed the “p” button to activate pump to turn on the heater, then you will need to push the “p” button again to de-activate pump when the heater is turned off.

If the pump is in the auto program to be running when this switch is pushed, then the word “pool” will still show on the screen, but will turn off the pump after the auto program schedule is over.

If the pump was activated by the “p” button to turn the heater on, and the “p” button is not pushed to de-activate the pump… The pump will then run 24 hours a day until the button is pushed again.

Important: If you did not push the “p” button to activate the pump to start the heater, then do not push the “p” button when turning off the heater.

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